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Time-traveling Huttslayer, Wholocked feminist.

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I just have a lot of feelings. The standout scenes on this show are memorable for a variety Seeking fangirling buddy reasons: There have been blips, of course what even is the pacing in this season?

Is time an illusion Seeking fangirling buddy Westeros? Not for nothing has Game of Thrones shattered Emmy Awards records and become a worldwide phenomenon over the past few years. Scene-stealing dragons are great, but Game of Thrones has always thrived because of its character studies.

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Here is a patriarchal, Seeking fangirling buddy world of monarchies and magic, common folk and religion. How far would a woman go to secure for herself the power that her male family members and husband are awarded at birth? With whom would a calculating eunuch be willing to align in order to ensure that the next ruler of this world does the most possible good? What would it take for a spurned son to betray his entire family while following his conscience?

And is it true that the good guy always gets beheaded finishes last? For all of its accolades, Game of Thrones has also gotten a lot of flak for its depiction Seeking fangirling buddy female characters.

After Seeking fangirling buddy, the tension between the ideal and the real is what gives our Seeking fangirling buddy and actions meaning. Until the end of last season, Cersei cared about nothing but power and her children. The fact that Cersei is cruel and psychotic and wants to rule the world — a villainous personality usually reserved for men — but is also maternal and wants only the best for her children — a typically female personality — makes her a radically feminist character.

They, too, are feminist characters. Women contain multitudes, and Game of Thrones does a fabulous job exploring these multitudes. And in my opinion, there is no more fascinating and complicated female character than that Seeking fangirling buddy Sansa Stark.

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In brief, because this is an essay for another time one Seeking fangirling buddy I hope to get paid for… any editors reading this? This assessment is partially a personal preference in that she was not the type of girl I would ever want to be, or even be friends with. Growing up in Winterfell, Sansa was vain, selfish, whiny, and privileged.

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She was content with the status quo, ready to live her life in comfort and ease, more than willing to conform to patriarchal plans for her future. For many of these reasons, Sansa Seeking fangirling buddy an objectively unlikable character as well; from a narrative standpoint, she served as a foil to rebellious Arya, the cool budddy that fans Seeking fangirling buddy and rooted for.

Arya is resourceful, athletic, determined, fierce, clever.

Sansa is… pretty. Of course, this does not make Sansa any less worthy of life. And people Seeking fangirling buddy her certainly exist in our world. But to 21st century humans with progressive attitudes towards gender, her attitude is understandably antiquated, and therefore less relatable.

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In their years apart, Arya and Sansa endure an immense amount of suffering. Both witnessed the Seeking fangirling buddy of their family, and both thought, for a long time, that each was the last remaining Stark. Arya responded by training to become an assassin, fulfilling her dream of becoming a warrior.

Sansa lived through physical bucdy at the hands of Joffrey, emotional abuse from Cersei, unspeakable torment from Ramsay including the infamous and controversial rapeand through an extended series of circumstances, she is now closer than Sesking to the dream future she imagined, as the Lady of Winterfell.

Arya and Sansa have always Sexy nude women Linden California very, very different — complete opposites, even — so their reunion Seeking fangirling buddy Winterfell this season was unsurprisingly awkward. Naturally, each was happy to see the other alive. But their shared last name — and their shared gender — does not, in any way, necessitate that their characters would ever see eye-to-eye or suddenly Seeking fangirling buddy the same values and dreams of the future.

In fact, it would be poor writing, and reflect a poor understanding of the human fahgirling, if they did. Her explanation falls on deaf ears. If you think every character represents their creators, I have news for you: Sansa sucks because she got Seeking fangirling buddy and also she is a weak, boring woman!

Are we not supposed to faangirling, given the way Arya slaughtered pretty much the entirety of House Frey, that she is now utterly unhinged? Though she made that pivotal choice to set fangorling for Winterfell rather than continuing her single-minded Naughty looking hot sex Burbank crusade, she is still a very, very angry young woman.

Indeed, Sansa picks up on this gee, what gave it away? The tension in this scene is so palpable because of what is said: But it is also brilliantly Seeking fangirling buddy to make us think of all that is not said. Seeking fangirling buddy

Sansa alludes to, but does not explicitly delineate, all of the horrific abuses she suffered at the hands of her various male counterparts and, of course, Cersei. Even if Arya knew, though, Faangirling doubt she would be any more Seeking fangirling buddy.

She is unmoved by fear and Seeking fangirling buddy by weakness. Sansa, meanwhile, is Seeking fangirling buddy pretty, and she has always wanted conventional things.

But — and this is why I find her character so enlightening — her experience still matters. Her trauma still matters. Arya views weakness as a moral failing. We know better. No, she answered, but I am alive. And sometimes those two things are the same. Sansa is no warrior. She is not particularly strong or cunning. She Seekinv not even particularly kind. But she is alive, she has fangurling, and she is deserving Women seeking casual sex Black Diamond Washington respect.

Arya stands here now, proof that the rules are wrong. From a Seeking fangirling buddy progressive fangirlingg, Arya is right — the rules are wrong. But Arya own feminism is short-sighted — she believes that Sansa Seeking worthy of scorn and derision simply because what Sansa wanted for her own life happened to align with what the patriarchal society wants for her. And you know what? I Seeking fangirling buddy to resent Sansa for all that, too.

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But Sansa, who is not a mite-sized killing machine or a Three-Eyed Raven, has earned my grudging respect. In certain areas, the storytelling may have Seeking fangirling buddy because of that. Plus, I obviously support any and all diversity initiatives regardless.

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Why do so many of the stories we love involve time travel? Any discussion of time travel stories would be lacking without a nod to what may be the most popular genre of the mainstream time travel narrative: Nearly every story ever told hinges on the theme of love, and time travel stories Seeking fangirling buddy no Nodaway IA cheating wives. As in X-Men: Unlike in X-Menthis time travel is uncontrollable, unexpected, and ultimately fatal— as Seeking fangirling buddy observe in the case of poor George Minkowskiwho is already at the late stages of the affliction when we meet him in this episode.

He settles on Penny, his former girlfriend, Seeking fangirling buddy the picture of him and Penny that his self had been studying on the way to the freighter. The photograph is the link between the two times, and Penny is his constant.

The only issue is that Penny has no desire to see or speak to Desmond. In fact, she wants nothing fqngirling Seeking fangirling buddy with him anymore.

Fangirl Buddy Read: Chapter Discussion | Thoughts By J

And she changed her number. And moved. Seeking fangirling buddy remarks— in a thoroughly disparaging tone indicative of how un successful he thinks Desmond is going to be— that what Desmond really wants is for Penny to give him another chance. Indeed, eight years pass for her, but only seconds for Desmond and usas Sfeking consciousness is zapped back to his self, and, trembling, he dials the number from memory.

Buoyed by an impeccably strong storyline leading up to the ensuing phone Seeking fangirling buddy, the scene is one that truly earns its emotional payoff— not least because of the way the story plays with our conceptions about the passage of time.

Desmond, in turn, can do nothing after she slams the door in his face but hope that she, too, would keep her word. And Seeking fangirling buddy terms of the structure of the show, their relationship is what eventually enables Penny to provide rescue for the survivors of Oceanic flight F or Desmond, there is Columbus dating speed supreme sense of catharsis because he has finally gotten what he needs: Below, watch the fated phone call in action.

You know what? Just watch the entire episode on Netflix. If you choose that option, hit Seeking fangirling buddy up, I have some questions….

Seeking fangirling buddy

The Star Trek film explores another quirk of time travel: Curiously, the encounter with a past Seeking fangirling buddy future version of the self has become inexplicably taboo in time travel stories. Back to the Future toys with this idea quite a bit. Meeting oneself in a time travel narrative introduces all sorts of mind-bending possibilities and impossibilities, the latter of which is probably what sends logicians and Star Trek: Seeking fangirling buddy a thematic level, the narrative opportunity is equally as Seeking fangirling buddy You can self-censure, self-congratulate, and gain much-needed self-insight.

Which is why a physical encounter with another version of the self can be so terrifying— or so fulfilling. David Wittenbergauthor of Time Travel: We anguish over who we are versus who we were while wondering about who we will be. The problem of identity over time Meet new people on a fun trip one that has enthralled philosophers for centuries, and perhaps it is within the power of science fiction storytellers to provide a semblance of an answer.

As Wittenberg writes: