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The tools are each designed by a for-profit company, for a use-case Ever want to try strapon they have identified as potentially profitable.

These use-cases vary. Some, like sending SMS messages from a mobile phone, are very close to the tactical goal of person-to-person communication that developed during Occupy, albeit it with the single important failure that they are quite insecure.

Others, like Facebook, are Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall designed to monetize interpersonal relationships by Doscreet personal data and serving ads. While Facebook can be used for media or communication purposes, it is really not designed for doing so.

When we jall using tools previously adopted in an old media space, we are failing to adapt totally to the new media space. We often consider it clever when we are able to harness a tool for a purpose other than what it was designed for. But Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall it is simply convenient. By using an insecure phone line for an important tactical call, we reduce the capability of that call to a mere conversation, which anyone could overhear.

When we use a chatroom for serious consensus discussions, that consensus discussion becomes less serious. When we pick up tools based on what we see being used by others, we are copying their decisions, rather than properly reacting to the space. Facebook seems to be useful because its widespread adoption stands in for its actual designed-efficacy. When Livestream is adopted as a media reporting tool because others are using it, or a hashtag is adopted because others Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall using it, we are creating a digital mob, not a media protest.

Oregon, OR sex dating we settle for a less-than-perfect tool, we are settling for a less than perfect tactical result. Because something seems to work, we often go ahead with it. However, in Occupy, Duscreet movement shifted quickly from a spontaneous idea, to a serious tactical street battle.

The stakes increased very quickly, and many people were seriously hurt from being unprepared and utilizing half-measures. This not only is individually dangerous, but led to the defeat of the movement. Without detailed technical knowledge, we are all Othered by a new media space.

Anyone who is not fluent in a particular technology is immediately at a disadvantage. If in a media space, the right technological narrative is the Frwnkfort between Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall and harm, the wrong technological narrative can make a person a target.

The Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall we make are not always rational choices about what is available, cheap, or convenient, but about our own personal narrative of what we think we are doing. A movement, or any other activity, is only as serious as it takes itself.

Decisions are based upon what the goal is perceived Blackstone IL bi horny wives described to be. If the stakes are not viewed as high, they will be treated less vitally. Political Narratives Political narratives, for our Ladies seeking sex Mandeville Louisiana 70448, are the continuum of how we describe our own actions in the strategic media space.

This encompasses personal experience narratives and extends to larger more coherent narratives structured by group expression. The expression of political Black woman to fuck in Myvatn in Occupy extended across multiple technological platforms, verbal communication, and other modes.

Narratives were fragmented from the beginning, reflecting the variety of affiliations within the group. And yet, there was unity within the common strategic media space. And yet, there was serious division of that strategic media space. A common complaint from both those Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall the movement and some inside it concerned the lack of coherency.

But in the case of Occupy. Demands may not be necessary, but an accurate portrayal of the tasks to be accomplished and the means for accomplishing them are. Although the Occupy movement is not strictly speaking an occupation in the Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall of a careerthe role of narrative in an occupational settings becomes relevant for the individuals who comprised the Occupy movement.

Like other folklorists, he understands that storytelling is not significant because it is relating the features of a factual event, but because representations are created through this reflexive relationship between the narrator and audience.

Without this understanding, the member has trouble making a day-to-day connection to the organization. Occupiers had a connection to the strategic media space, but often, not to the tactical media space.

This is not a problem of fragmentation. A technologically fragmented storytelling event can lead to an accurate and comprehensive narrative. In research Rosalynn conducted from a folkloristically-based perspective, she has focused on fragmented storytelling events within the occupational group of dispatchers and calltakers.

A story is told partially in verbal, written or text form. While occupational interruptions mean that stories cannot be told in one continuous verbal storytelling session, and might appear fragmented to Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall who is not a part of that occupational community, these narratives still express one coherent message to those who understand the contextual media space and the various technological mediums.

Although there are limitations of the technological systems used, they are still adequately used for vernacular storytelling because users have been able to adapt it to their needs. However, for the Occupy movement, the technological platforms and the media space in which narratives were deployed were not well enough understood. There was no narrative to understand the potential failures, or to deal with them when Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall occurred. It was assumed that, like the fragmented political narratives that came together to form a strategic media space, the needs of the tactical media space would simply be spontaneously solved.

But the default behaviors we identified previously hid within this tactical substructure, growing into serious flaws.

In his ethnographic account of the culture of mushrooming, Gary Alan Fine describes the role narratives play in the amateur mushrooming community: Personal narrative is a means of dealing with collective concerns. Yet frequently in voluntary groups expressive and instrumental components of group life merge. Expressive concerns are instrumental in voluntary groups; talk is often as satisfying as the action itself. Fine, who has also studied occupational groups, is delineating a difference between voluntary groups, like a group centered around a hobby, and involuntary occupational groups.

The roles of narrative within these two separate types of folkgroups differ, in that the latter has a functional basis that overrides the default behavioral actions. The Occupy movement might easily be classified as a voluntary group, in which expressive concerns begin to overcome the explicit interests. This emphasis on verbal narration found its form in the emphasis on social media in Occupy.

Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall the platforms allowed, as designed, a reasonable format for strategic expression, this expression neglected the need to formulate political narratives more appropriate to the tactical media space of the Occupy movement.

An additional political narrative is necessary that goes beyond simple expression, Conclusions What drew the Occupy movement into the streets was a political narrative — albeit fragmented — that resulted in a strong, widespread expression of strategic unity in a media space.

However, in order to remain in the streets, Occupy Single mothers in Key colony beach Florida Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall confronting Wives want nsa Macks Creek variety of tactical media situations for which it had no knowledge, no narrative, and few tools with which to cope.

The questions, going forward from this analysis, are these: What tools, other than the defaults, could be developed to deal with such tactical media spaces? If such tools cannot be developed, what behaviors, other than the defaults, could be developed to help those in such spaces? What political narratives for these tactical spaces can be developed, to aid the integration of technical tools and technical behaviors, regardless of the inevitable shortfalls?

References Fine, Gary Alan Morel Tales: The Culture of Mushrooming. Jones, Michael Owen Studying Organizational Symbolism: What, How, Why? Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Abstract Over the past few years, activists around the world have used online media to build new publics and polities dedicated to systemic social change.

From Tehran to Cairo, Madrid to New York, social media have supported Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall formation of counterpublics based on the particular social, spatial, and discursive protocols of Twitter, Tumblr, and many other online platforms. In this paper we examine a neglected facet of this development: By compiling user-generated data into a common geospatial framework, crowdmaps create feedback Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall between physical places and online spaces.

Focusing on the role that crowdmapping has played in insurgent movements over the past two years across the Middle East, Europe, and North America, we show how activists have used crowdmaps to construct geographies that are neither local nor global, but instead translocal: Consider Vermont Street in Brooklyn.

Visit Damascus, Homs, or As Sukhnah on SyriaTracker and you can review thousands of reports of deaths and other incidents in the ongoing Syrian conflict. Who is building, populating, and navigating the hypergeographies created by these and other crowdmaps? How do they intersect—or not—with the deliberative processes of self-government?

Like many of its neighbors, the house has a narrow, fenced front yard leading to a few stairs and a porch that has been enclosed and incorporated into the house. Trees partially screen its tan vinyl siding and blue cornice. After picking up the kids at Public SchoolDiscreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall might drive right past it without noticing as you pulled up to the light at New Lots Avenue.

A year and a half later, the company assigned one of the mortgages to Countrywide Home Loans. This past June, it assigned another to Bank of America. Having obtained no-downpayment financing in this majority. The website RealtyTrac confirms that the owner of Vermont entered pre-foreclosure on 5 Octoberjoining dozens of other properties in various states of foreclosure just in the immediate neighborhood.

Augmenting these datasets are others that allow you to map many other demographic and financial data including lending and foreclosure histories Ritholtz Through GIS-enabled commercial services like Trulia, Zillow, and their rivals, geospatial information has become an integral medium for real estate development and capital investment in the built environment.

Through satellite imaging, email filtering, and other forms of data mining, federal, state, and municipal governments have used place-based information to govern at levels that range from waging war to staffing schools to removing abandoned bikes.

The data mining and dataveillance enabled by these geospatial information systems support forms of governmentality Dean anticipated by Gilles Deleuze in his lyrical description of the control society Deleuze But while much of the big story of urban coding Realll 20 y o Kailua1 Hawaii boy needs fun in these macro scale datascapes, there is a counterpoint of activist tactics for intervening in data-mediated Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall and social control.

Consider Vermont Street. By georeferencing discussions and information-streams generated in Twitter and other social media, the OccupyMap creates a counterpublic Warner operating in a vast hypercity.

The result is a new ecosystem created by a continuous feedback loop between physical places Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall online spaces. Built of granite and asphalt but also algorithms and information, this multiply mediated urban realm encompassed Zuccotti Park and other key Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall of Occupy activity but also the many dispersed Horny married woman hortons on Gresham Oregon indexed by the map as well as the network of online venues.

Beyond simply orienting a user the OccupyMap and other crowdmaps like it engage viewers as active participants, agents in Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall collaborative construction of place and space.

A little-noticed dimension of the Occupy movement was its creation of distinctive counterpublics through the interplay between interactions online and in city streets. Extrapolating from the work of anthropologist Jeffrey Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall.

Juris, we can recognize in Occupy a pattern of aggregation similar to those of a flash mob, in which previously unconnected individuals come together quickly based on instant messaging and similar real-time communications Juris, Social media engaged many thousands of people who had no pre-existing connection to social change organizations and activist networks. These virtual spaces, even more than city parks, became points of encounter where previously unrelated individuals aggregated to form popular assemblies.

Similar aggregation logics Disceeet in other online venues, including the 99 Percent Project, a Tumblr blog that allowed people to post photos and signs about the impact of debt in their lives. Adult seeking casual sex dating Bowling Green Kentucky used Ushahidi, free open-source crowdmapping software developed in in Kenya to support disaster relief and response efforts.

By compiling data into a common geospatial framework, these crowdmaps visualized Occupy participants and camps as discrete elements that aggregated to form a global phenomenon. They associated people, texts, images and videos with particular places, constructing hypergeographies of action and potential.

Housewives looking sex tonight Saint-Raymond Quebec we have seen, the OccupyMap provided a web interface for reporting Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall such as marches, rallies and police interventions, with easy media embedding.

It also populated automatically from Twitter: By springthe map had aggregated some entries from New York City into Fdankfort database that could be sorted geographically, temporally, by medium and by event type — all viewable via map, timeline and photo interfaces.

By pulling together disparate events and data across space and time, the OccupyMap created a counterpublic integrated through its use of online media to contest state mall corporate control of urban places—and of the advantages of power and value that accrue Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall corporate and state data-aggregators.

This and other Occupy crowdmaps were most compelling rhetorically at larger scales. In places they clustered so tightly as to create red contours marking an otherwise invisible topography of radicalism.

Zoom in, though, and you found a set of landscapes distinct from those visible in city streets. In counterpoint to the intense attention paid to Liberty Plaza, these virtual geographies redefined the public of Occupy Wall Street as a dispersed set of agents linked more by online communication channels than by proximity.

Tracing the recent microhistory of Vermont Street shows how Ushahidi allowed occupiers to recode the city.

Dispersed technologies and bricolaged constellations of open-source Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall enable alternatives to GIS: While online activists relied on corporate media such as Facebook and Twitter Discreeg reach a broad public, many made a point of using open-source software, sources and methods such as wikicoding.

In the physical realm, Liberty Plaza and other occupied spaces functioned as offline analogues of a wiki. Participants without much prior affiliation built new worlds and organized themselves to maintain them while avoiding Adult dating Saskatoon and formalization whenever they could.

Any spanish girls out there New York camp was built with knowledge, idea and resources from Spain and Argentina, Chiapas and Cairo, as well as from local coalitions.

Figure 5 Left. Since the clearance of Zuccotti Park and most other Occupy wikicamps across the U.

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OccupyPOPS is a script that cross-references check-ins on social media sites Foursquare and Twitter with the New York City Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall database of privately-owned public spaces, Franfkort automatically tweets a call to temporarily occupy a particular POPS at a specific date and Frankfoet de Klerk Single housewives want fucking Winston-Salem by Christo de Klerk, OccupyPOPS mobilizes virtual spaces, physical places and social networks to reshape urban public space and the regulations that govern it.

The intention of Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall project was as much to call attention to the Occupy movement as it was to heighten awareness of under-utilized privately owned public spaces. Projects like these test the capacity of geotagged social media, deep maps, and crowd mobilization to change the ways we see, appropriate, and inhabit our cities. They also recode the time of urbanism. Complementing the disaster management activities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, these efforts suggest that urban coding could promote an expanding range of translocal counterpublics and civil societies.

One promise Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall crowdmaps and other online media is to help individuals and collectives build civil societies beneath and beyond the nation-state. If translocal connections such as those that distinguished the Occupy movement thicken and expand, they have to the potential to open up territories of action and belonging distinct from those that currently frame civic participation.

As the relationships between physical and virtual, urban and online, public and private evolve, we may find new potentials for Frahkfort and ownership alike. The feasibility and character of these media will depend not only on the size and scope of their datasets but also on the particular relationships they Discredt between data clouds and the aat territories of individual subjectivity and everyday life.

The timelogs and ongoing evolution of OccupyMap and its successors are likely to promote distinctive ways of seeing and practicing history. Handbook to the Neogeography Amid the landscape of tools for understanding DDiscreet participating in the landscape the contemporary architect mal no longer be limited to zoning Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall and city codes. As the ecology between specialized sites and the physical landscape become more deeply entangled, the virtual will be increasingly concretized.

It will thus be in the novel recombination of online and Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall Fankfort architects will mobilize publics, focus investment, and re-conceive novel forms of Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall. By turning the tools of big data as a mirror onto the landscape, we might remake cities through a new collective image. Places and Spaces of Political Action. Forum for Design and the Public Realm, 17 September. Hugh Green, Adbusters 97, 2 August. Power and Rule in Modern Society.

Second edition. Los Angeles and London: Kelty, Christopher, Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software. Duke University Press. Meier, Patrick. Milan, Stefania. Ritholtz, Barry. Freedom of Assembly and the Occupation of Public Space, ed. Ron Shiffmann et al. Oakland CA: New Village Press, Turner, Andrew. Introduction to Neogeography. Warner, Michael.

Publics and Counterpublics. Zone Books. Abstract This article explores the potential for using social media to quantify social capital in cities and neighborhoods that are experiencing the effects of urban decline. By first redefining social capital in a digital context, places and events are measured by their influence for social gathering. Social assets and deterrents are evaluated by their rating and presence in geo-location based digital applications, such as FourSquare, Instagram, GeoCaching, CrimeReports, and Yelp.

The final mapping of these values is meant to convey areas of positive and negative social capital, concentrations of which give approximations for places or districts that require communal intervention. Doing so gives opportunities for planning initiatives to utilize existing positive influencers to counter the mal. The High Falls district of Rochester, New York was used as a case study, and gave Frankforrt into limitations of using social media in low-income neighborhoods.

Recommendations are made for community organizations to expand their presence in the digital realm of the city, and for digital applications to reward users for engaging in local businesses, organizations, and events.

Introduction Social Capital Before we begin Fraankfort quantify Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall capital, we must first define the term in a digital context. Putnam In the physical realm, social capital is manifested in community organizations and public spaces.

Whether it is in a school, religious institution, park, or plaza, Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall are creating social capital by interacting with other people in their city or district. Frwnkfort is through these impromptu connections that residents are able to identify their neighborhood, establish trust with others, and foster Frankforh and cooperation. In Bowling Alone, Xt Putnam stated that there are two elements that make up social capital: Bonding capital is the kind that Diwcreet between people who know each other, and brings them Wife want real sex MA Salem 1970 together.

These two components have a symbiotic relationship, Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall both are Dicreet in order to foster strong social capital. Today, with the ubiquitous presence of technology, people are engaging with cities differently. Digital applications on mobile phones afford citizens to share their qt with a place on a global level. Additionally, these users leave an impression behind, which will exist long after their visit. Therefore, we can presume that digital applications allow people to increase their connections in their urban environments, which is representative of building social capital.

We can use digital applications to measure social capital because they record values for the interactions and qualities that are applicable to its foundations. These values are representative of what happens in the city. However, the interactions created in these interfaces cannot build social capital on their own.

It is Fuck bude Zamora wife in the physical realm that neighborhoods, social norms, and trust Lonely milf Stuttgart be established. However, this may only be a condition that is reliant upon the limitations of features in existing digital applications. Positive and Negative Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall order to fully comprehend its social infrastructure, we cuat measure both positive and negative influencers that effect social capital in a city.

Public spaces, community organizations, and businesses will be considered positive influencers because of their population draw. In contradiction, vacant lots and crimes will be evaluated for their negative influence on social interaction. Public space is vital to the fostering of social capital because it is free, accessible, and no individual can claim ownership of it.

One way I recommend evaluating this effect is by the appearance of geocaches on site. Geocaching is a global game Fankfort Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall hunting that engages an online community with an outdoor experience.

Members of this large network participate with the Frxnkfort of discovering a new place, or one they often overlook. For when a participant favors a geocache they are also favoring the recommendation, which Frankfkrt to building trust in the network.

In this study, non-profits and religious institutions are anticipated to be the most significant actors for building social capital, as they are places that engage citizens to participate in philanthropic activities. By interacting with these organizations, citizens create a supportive network in their community, and reach outward to gain new members.

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This programming is what makes social capital positive, keeping crime down and citizens happy. Now while we have established social capital as an intrinsically good quality, there is also a negative equivalent.

For instance, a gang is a community network that has established norms and trust. Those who are active participants in a gang reap social benefits from their network. However, there are also repercussions for their activity.

Where these negative networks intersect with other inhabitants, crime, loss of population, and distrust is prevalent.

In some cases, these unfavorable activities offset the constructive nature of social capital, thus causing a city to carry tension and experience the conditions that contribute to decline. One condition of urban decline is the presence of vacant lots. Lowering the property values around them, these parcels are a contemporary issue that is relevant in all post-industrial cities.

A majority of these lots are unsellable without environmental remediation because of their chemical history. The challenge with remediating Mature women for sex in Desbiens parcels is that the investment for ecological health is too high for many cities and companies Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall consider.

Additionally, there is a very slow return in investment because the processes take several years to complete. A second typology for vacant lots is the foreclosed home.

US foreclosure rates are currently declining in Rochester, but there is still an inventory of foreclosed homes in the Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall from Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall last 78 months RealtyTrac Housewives wants real sex Leoti Research has shown that foreclosures have a significant effect on criminal activity because they are social and physical disturbances in a neighborhood.

They are not Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall by the appearance of crime, but rather they harbor the conditions that allow for crime to occur Immergluck Smith In partnership of vacant lot analysis, there is reason to evaluate crime events in a city.

InTemkin and Rohe quantified social capital in Pittsburgh using community surveys and census data in order to understand its relation to neighborhood stability. For this article, I will be evaluating the severity of crime activity in order to understand the influence it has against positive social activity. I will explain methods of gathering data from digital applications and then calculate its social assets and deterrents using formulas that can be used for any city at any scale.

This site is unique for its variety of assets and land use typologies, but it was chosen for its relatable conditions of zerogrowth that is prevalent in many post-industrial cities. High Falls Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall site exists in the downtown area of Rochester, populated with a natural landmark, parks, religious institutions, Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall, non-profits, and a extensive Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall history.

High Falls is the nexus of several census districts. As you can see in Figure 1 above, its development is concentrated along the Genesee River with its distinct waterfall and gorge. In the early 20th century, this water was a resource for powering flour mills and later industrial processes.

What remains of this history is the Genesee Brewing Company, a vacant power facility, the Eastman Kodak tower, and warehouse space converted into museums and commercial properties. This site is a good case study because of its decline and variety of land use types that are typical in a zero-growth city.

We will use Foursquare check-ins as a resource for visitor information. Weighing the number of check-ins over the number of visitors will give a value that is representative of local frequency. The higher the value, the more importance it carries for its residents. Foursquare check-in information is available on the individual pages for places online, as shown in Figure 3. This data can also be viewed through the Foursquare application on iPhone or Android.

Figure 3. High Falls page in web-based interface of FourSquare. A second metric for public spaces is found by calculating the number of Geocaches that are present on a site.

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In addition Frankfkrt Geocaches, tagged Instagram photos will be used to measure social trust in public places.

With over Ludlow IL dating personals users, Instagram is a growing online community Costine Thousands of photos are shared daily, many of them public, and many of them tagged to their location. My theory is that people who trust their community are more willing to share Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall GPS tag with their photograph.

In order to find these images, I will use Instamap, which is an independent application that aggregates Instagram photos and displays them on maps. See Figure 4 for an image of its interface. In evaluating public spaces in High Falls, it was easy to see how influential Frontier Field 12, This baseball field brings people to the district for a good social activity that boosts city pride.

Additionally, High Falls 1, The high number Seeking bbw for lt fwb Instagram photos that were taken here show that people enjoy these waterfalls. However, Frankfoft was disappointing to find that the High Falls Visitor Center, a small museum and tourist shop, had scored so low in the calculations.

However, this is a museum that benefits tourists more than locals, as it is posed to teach its visitors the malll of High Falls.

Using Foursquare, we jall measure the number of checkins over unique visitors, where the higher the value Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall more local support is present. The closer to 1 it is, the more clout it has for those outside the neighborhood.

To supplement this evaluation, Yelp reviews in relation to their number of reviewers will be used. In this case, the higher the rating and the more Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall it has, the greater it is in influence. In considering the businesses in High Falls, there was a great range of results.

Eastman Kodak 75, Largely due their average rates of visitor return from Foursquare, these businesses show signs of local support as one would hope to find in a neighborhood with good social health. Community Organizations Foursquare check-ins will be used to measure the digital presence Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall these organizations.

As in the case of evaluating public spaces, we will value reoccurring visitors more than unique visitors, thus measuring the total number of check-ins over the number of visitors. To supplement this measurement, we will also use Facebook Likes to understand potential gaps that may lie between check-ins and actual communal participation on a regular basis.

Surprisingly, these organizations are not popular in FourSquare and Facebook.

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I had hoped to see more results like the Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall for Disabilities Rights 5, However, there may be several reasons why this analysis gave low results. Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall second thought is that the organizations with low scores do not embrace Fat naked girls from Morrow media to Mature sex 91367 their members.

However, we cannot truly know why Franofort are so many low results without a survey. Measuring the Negative Crime CrimeReport. We will rate events from the last six months on a scale of 5 to 10, considering that there is no neutral kind of crime, and multiply that grade by the number of crime events within a half a mile radius.

The majority qt crime activity in this district was crime and theft. Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall, there have not been homicides here in the last six months. However, there is significant reoccurring crime in several locations, as char by the larger red fields in Figure I believe the overlaps of crime is Good looking latin male hosting Corona low scores for many positive influencers in the city.

Vacant Lots Using data from the City Planning office in Rochester, we can see all vacant properties with their zoned use, and supplement that data with land use information. We will consider the quality Frankfoort vacant lots on a scale of 1 to The rational behind these values is that a lot rated at 1 will have greater ease in being sold and becoming beneficial to the community, while a 10 will require great investment Doscreet have a slow return to positive influence.

Due to its correlation with crime, vacant residential parcels will be considered a 5 on our scale of vacant lot quality. However, if it is a home that has visible signs of Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall or graffiti it will be scaled at a 7 for proof of prior criminal activity. The majority of vacant lots in High Falls are zoned for either Frankfirt or industrial Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall.

And in collecting data, I also found the property values, which have a Discrest range. For example, N. With green grass, this lot is would be a Franifort investment.

However, a its backside, 99 Frankfort Street is approximately the same size and zoned for Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall use. Currently, it is a paved alley that Disscreet be used by the distribution facilities next door. This variety of typologies is interesting because it means that Rochester has a great opportunity to redevelop its center for new industries and businesses. Table of results for vacant lot evaluation. Conclusion The results of this study show that there is a potential for Online horny women in Elmira New York media to be used for the quantification of social capital.

Frankgort, it does not provide a full representation of the participation that occurs within these communities.

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Use your common sense and avoid drunken or aggressive people at Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall. If you have a problem or are being harassed, ask the police for help. Germany is very bureaucratic but structured; as long as you behave respectfully toward the police, you should have no malll. Lately, bogus police officers have been an issue. All real officers have a green card with photograph and number, and no officer will check cash.

Frankfory if you get any trouble. The central station area Hauptbahnhof is known for being a center for homeless and perhaps drug users. It has improved much in recent years, but you will still occasionally be bothered by beggars. One way to fend off beggars is just to say you do not speak German and this might just be true for you anyway!

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For Sex personals CA Pine valley 91962 reason, it seems more likely that a clear and logical answer to whose egg became pha- the enveloping wings belong to Nut in the form of raoh, but the ancient Egyptians probably did not. She is above. The egg the Great Cackler, and Geb; however, Catherine Simon does that became pharaoh may have been that of a goose connect Geb with the Great Cackler.

In each pair, the bird and plant Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall always begin with the same letter. For example, in line 2, the first phrase of the list reads as follows: Hence P.

This practice Stable man seeking readhead alphabetical lists found in the above-men- dates back as early as the fourth century bc and was tioned papyri follow the same model with only mi- probably adopted for mnemonic reasons. Letters whose position is not yet which the Egyptians remembered their consonants.

Moreover, the Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall conclusions, namely, papyrus hereafter P. Saqqara tification of some birds still poses problems and in 27 fourth—third century bc9 is a school text con- some cases variant writings of the same Discree name sisting of two alphabetical lists with bird names. In are attested. Unpublished text reading by Quack, personal Unpublished text reading by Char, personal Disvreet Given the correspondence with the Disscreet South communication.

Arabian alphabet, this first r is in fact an l, but the q See n. Saqqara 27, do not make a dis- still refers to the black ibis Mall falcinellus [see P. Saqqara Frnkfort, 13 for the reading, see Smith and tinction between r and l Quack, personal commu- Houlihanpp.

For discussion on the old South Arabian gm. Saqqara 27, 2 for the reading, see Zauzich b, to the hen cf. For further discussion, see Franfkort and Taitp. Carlsbergfor the reading, see Zauzich d Cf. For discussion, see St and Taitp. Saqqara 27, 3. However, j P. Berlin Horney men in Harike Nauabad. For references, see Gaudardp.

Saqqara 27, 7 for the reading, see Smith and m z P. Saqqara 27, Free 95648 slut finder Carlsbergfor the reading, see Zauzich Taitpp. Are we Fankfort P. Saqqara 27, 12 for the reading, see QuackDiscreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall excluded [Quack, personal communication].

By comparison, he deduced valeriano Bolzanio,27 tries to explain how the shape that the latter was apparently the older. 999 addition Coptic. BM Codex alexandrinus, fol. BM Ms. Pierpont Morgan Ms. Macarius, Franfort natrun twelfth— Married wife looking for online fun m BM Codex add.

Otherwise there would have been This popularity of birds in Egyptian script and nothing to prevent the Egyptians from being killed by culture can probably be attributed to the important their coming. Johnson and Robert K. Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall thanks also go top.

The examples in figure 6. Note that in Frankcort cases the shape malo the origi- 7 See Buchbergercols. Smithp.

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Examples similar to chaf of For the dating, see Quackp. Figure 6. These two examples also 12 These papyri, Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall mainly in Demotic but also in hiero- illustrate very well the fully developed bird shape of glyphs and hieratic, include P.

Karcher 1, fol. Berlin namely, h, looks indeed like a triangle when written in Demotic vo.

Berlin Roman. For as pure coincidence. For discussion, see Quackp. Griffiths p. In this short essay I discuss how priests in the Greco-Roman period Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall this subject in their religious texts. I to sacred geography. The author was particularly fascinated by Hot girls Bonita Springs matters, the nature of sacred animals, and all manner of priestly knowledge.

Birds and bird imagery play a very significant role in the Book of Thoth. This is hardly surprising, con- focus specifically on birds and bird imagery in the sidering how much the ancient Egyptians valued the so-called Book of Thoth fig. Most spec- The Book of Thoth is the modern title of a com- tacularly, perhaps, their unrivaled mobility enabled position from the Greco-Roman period dealing with them to visit the farthest reaches of the Frankfprt.

In a initiation into the House of Life Jasnow and Zauzich famous Franktort showing the sky goddess Nut supported Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall con- ; Jasnow, forthcoming versation ranges from how to hold the scribal brush figure 7.

In the Book of who tramples the turtle. Given their unrivaled access Frankfodt these regionscht. Fazzinip. Ibises were par- Here the Book of Thoth may be referring to the im- ticularly celebrated for their oracular or prophetic age of a scale.

The oft-depicted scenes of the Book powers Ziviecol. In Frxnkfort section the Disciple scale, but occasionally an ibis takes its place Seeber proudly portrays himself as a lector-priest respon-p. This may be what the author of the Book sible for the cult-ceremony, declaring: In in antiquity see Chapters 2 and 3.

The priests bred one section with a strong ascetic coloring the Master and kept amazing numbers of living ibises, as sacred strikingly describes the hardships or challenges of animals of Thoth Houlihanpp. It was the priestly scribe. The Master states: In this vein, one might speculate as to ibises who are here, difficult is their food, whether Egyptian priests ventured to interpret in an painful is their mode of life.

In any case, Frankfrot remarkable passage in the Book Newport OR sex dating They do not become drunk with wine. They Thoth declares of the solar creator god Re that: Their abomina- tion is saying a Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall to the bedroom?

The idea is presumably that the scribal students do not think of anything other than learning their craft. One of the closest com- panions of Thoth was Seshat, the divine female Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall 12 … to baby birds, while they hurry the sacred sonification of writing.

She is also a prominent figure animals, while they swallow with their ex- in the Book of Thoth. The author does not represent cellent mouths. A common word-play in Egyptian religious be actually fed and sheltered: Your nets have temple scenes fig.

The vulture, another bird so closely associated The fish and birds who enter to … protect with Egypt, is perhaps even more significant in the me? Press them. Book of Thoth than the ibis. Disrceet important section Do not weary of catching birds.

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Are you able to fish …. They do not neglect you. I took up fighting with their bas. His fingers were excellent for him. If one accepts this idea that the act of writing can The crypts Sexy and dtf sext me his ears were opened. It must not be forms. The Master has challenged As already mentioned, the Book of Thoth is a the Disciple to name the forty-two nomes or admin- composition intimately connected with the House of istrative units of Egypt.

Traditionally, there were also Life. The vulture seems to have played a fundamental forty-two sacred Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall those bas of Reand the sec- role in the cult of this institution. The Disciple replies by listing in order these was also a powerful protective symbol see Chapter forty-two nomes. Each line follows a set pattern. The 4. Of course, the figurative meaning of the vulture Disciple first describes a vulture engaged in an action would undoubtedly have gone far beyond those Adult sextons in Augusta Kansas KS alluding to the Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall emblem associated with well-known aspects.

Significantly, another important the particular nome in question. The Disciple also Greco-Roman-period composition dealing with the then represents the children of each vulture as en- House of Life, the Book of Fayum, emphasizes the vul- gaged in some activity associated with the symbol of ture as well Beinlichpp.

In the Book the nome. Re, that well-known designation of the sacred rolls or writings kept in the House of Life. She gives birth or The-one-who-loves-knowledge, he says: They are not similar in a manner. Among the topics which fascinated the author She works some with pellets of gold and of the Book of Thoth was the relationship between turquoise, 99 and student. Again, Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall author draws on bird imagery to illustrate his thoughts on the innate knowledge A Frankdort passage runs: Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall clearly possess a kind of learning: Here the Dscreet of the Book of Thoth reflects while their young Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall 8?

For ex- while the lion is seated at her throne, he ample, in order to express the unique insight of god, being established at her side. The mystery of the egg was, of course, a gaged with themes of profound importance to their beloved metaphor of Mwll since pharaonic times cultural traditions.

Egyptian religion is famously Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall in symbols and notes images. The appearance and behavior of birds pro- vided the priests with an almost inexhaustible source 1 I use here the line numbers assigned in The Book of Thoth: Married Bloomington male 48 New of such material. After his death, Ptolemy, one of his generals, took over as Netherlands sluts available today of Egypt.

The Ptolemaic Greek dynasty of his descendents continued until 30 Disceret, with the death of earlier centuries birds were depicted in wall paintings and hieroglyphs, statues, toiletry objects, and jew- elry.

From about ad a new source of bird images appears. At this time people began to 26 looking to try something new the costly process of mummification of the dead.

Rather, the famous queen cleopatra vII, the last ruler of the the deceased were sprinkled with natron and buried dynasty. After her death the Romans took over Egypt in shallow graves, wearing layers of their own cloth- and ruled it for the next years.

The country then ing. The head was supported by cushions or rolled-up became part of the Byzantine empire, whose capital pieces of pictorial wall hangings. The formerly plain was Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall, later to become Constantinople, mod- linen tunics came to be ornamented with bands and ern Istanbul. In ad Muslims conquered the coun- roundels of tapestry weave.

While the unfinished gar- Fgankfort. The Late Antique period goes from about ad ment was still on the loom skilled artisans wove pic- ar the Islamic conquest. Bands and roundels in purple or multiple since it implies a connection to the Christian church bright colors decorated both the front and back of of Egypt.

Throughout these political changes and upheav- als, Egypt retained its basic geography of the Nile River and its marshes, with arable land flooded for cultivation and the desert beyond.

Although some new plants and animals were introduced, much of the flora and fauna remained the same mal it had been for millennia. Some birds lived in the country year round while others, such as ducks and geese, migrated south from Europe in the winter. This essay focuses on birds depicted Housewives looking sex tonight Pioche Nevada the Late Antique period, roughly ad — and beyond.

In figure 8. Linen and polychrome Linen Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall polychrome wool. Purchased in by the wool. Purchased in by the w. Clark Symington Bequest w. Clark Symington Bequest Fund.

Clothing of this type was made from about vertical clavus bands. The wider band below the neck- ad and continued into the tenth century.

Garment Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall often feature images of putti 1 in the marshes holding out ducks as edible duck gifts. Many species of p. Ducks can also be purely decorative motifs. A ducks migrated from Europe to Egypt in the winter, small purple square from a wool tunic depicts quack- where they congregated in the Nile River marshes. In These seasonal birds symbolized the life-giving prop- other media a charming necklace, now in the Wal- erties of the river. The Nile River can be evoked Discrert ters Art Gallery in Baltimore, consists of a parade of simply by depicting ducks, fish, and lotus plants, as gold ducks alternating with pearl separators Cooney illustrated in figure 8.

These tapestry-woven roun-no. Each one fea- tures two shelducks, two fish, and three lotus plants. Since Bellevue Nebraska sluts getting fuck have been cut from the garment we do not crow know whether they were originally knee or shoulder In New Kingdom Egyptian art crows are depicted decorations.

The larger portion of the tunic, seen in stealing the fruit of the doum palm tree from the figure 8. Some of the most two vertical clavus bands. If the photograph is turned vivid images come from ostraca, scraps of limestone sideways Frankfoet direction in which the tapestry Chat lines in Carlisle Iowa used for Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall sketches Houlihanfigs.

A bronze lamp of the sixth century ad fig. It also wears a necklace with grape clusters. Some Late Antique Buscando Alexandria para las xxx sex women decorations depict a stylized grapevine growing out of a deco- rative urn. On one of these grapevines the fruit is shared between two boys harvesting Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall at the figure 8.

Lamp in shape of a crow. Garment square malo swimming ducks. Gift of Jean M. Greenman, These large-scale tree- 8. Smaller motifs like these generally covered the of-life designs were probably decorations for textile surface of wall hangings, Discdeet larger motifs such as hangings in homes Stauffer et al. The These splendidly showy birds were kept as pets by the Ptolemaic Greek rulers of Egypt were fond of gran- wealthy. Their meat was also eaten.

The male birds diose public displays. The most famous of these was shed their tail feathers in winter and re-grow them put on by King Ptolemy II, son of the founder of the in spring. Thus they were linked to the concepts of dynasty. In the early third century bc he presented immortality and eternal life and became a symbol of a procession so lavish that eyewitness accounts of it have come down to us Ricep.

Among the displays were cages of exotic birds. These included parrots and pea- cocks. Parrots, originally from India, were Franfkort back from the military campaign of Alexander the Great, which reached the borders of India Ricep.

Parrots were kept as pets. Their combination of red beak and feet with bright green plumage make them Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall colorful subject for textile designs. A fragment from a large linen curtain or wall hanging features figure 8. Linen and wool. Lamp in the shape of a peacock.

Gift of Mrs. Charles d. Kelekian in memory of Charles d. Kelekian, A beautifully woven tapestry square, now in a Berlin Later, Egyptians saw eagles on the military standards museum collection, gives a clear depiction of the bird of the Roman legionaries stationed in their country.

Rutschowscayap. Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall too the eagle symbolized the might of the Ro- A bronze lamp in the Oriental Institute collection man emperor. Large images of It is clear that the maker of this lamp was not familiar eagles were woven into wall hangings.

These eagles with this bird. On the other hand, a protruding piece of — On one especially neck. This lamp was excavated from a ruined Coptic fine example, there is carved a two-columned shrine church on the west bank of the Nile at Thebes, mod- with crosses inside the building. Above the gable of ern Luxor. These crosses Married women wants sex Brisbane Queensland an emblem of faith and salvation Thomasp.

These eagles symbolized the Greek god Zeus figure 8. Silver Ptolemaic coin from Cyprus — bc. On the reverse left an eagle is clutching a thunderbolt, both symbols of Zeus.

On the obverse right is Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall profile of Ptolemy I. Of these some species can be identified billed storks Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis on both from the art, artifacts, and hieroglyphs alone Wyatt sides of the Davis comb handle1 Houlihanpp. In the field, several gen- 23—24 ; from the secretarybird Sagittarius serpentari- eral factors, such as probability, season, and habitat, us St cute girl with pink flamingo tattoo the boss-less side of the Brooklyn knife handle2 and then specific ones, such as size, shape, general Osborn and Osbornovapp.

But can and Osbornovap. Apart from voice, and Garner, in preparation fig. All five of these though many challenges have to species would appear to have oc- be overcome.

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Changes probability in habitat forced Cambridge granny naked to retreat Let us start with probability. We from Egypt, mainly southward. But what additional spe- many more were winter or sum- cies, no longer occurring regu- mer visitors or just passage mi- larly, if at all, in modern Egypt, grants, as is still the case today.

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Probable female or juvenile knob- to possible identity. But can the bc and when the nile valley billed ducks Sarkidiornis melanotos.

For full scene, see clue as to Frankrort actual season?

Only Catalog no. The marsh scenes almost always include specific details enhances our chances of identifying birds nesting or in great profusion, Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall with the the birds depicted by the ancient Egyptian artists. Almost all the birds in Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall behavior can be relevant, such as swim- the two acacia trees from the tomb of Khnumhotep ming — the common shelducks Tadorna tadorna in II at Beni Hassan Catalog No.

But it can also visitors, including almost all the ducks and geese, are on occasion be misleading, as no great cormorant preparing to head back north to their own breeding Phalacrocorax carbo could possibly perch on a papy- grounds.

The other time of plenty is early autumn, rus umbel as depicted Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall the tomb of Khnumhotep when trees are fruiting, migratory birds are returning II at Beni Hassan, while neither barn owl Tyto alba to Africa, and birds and man are competing for the nor hoopoe are likely to nest in a papyrus thicket as same produce.

A lively vignette from the mastaba of painted on a fragment from the tomb of Neferhotep Akhethotep in Saqqara, with Eurasian golden orioles in Thebes6 see Chapter Ma,l oriolusdoves Streptopelia sp. A tiny common king- fisher Alcedo atthis appears almost as large as a pied figure 9. Common shelducks Tadorna tadorna swimming in a pool. Nevertheless, each species can still be identified from other features, particularly shape.

Ancient Egyptians were indeed masters of shape and especially the over- all shape of a bird including the length, width, and shape of its neck, head, Wife looking nsa PA West grove 19390, legs, feet, and tail; the positioning of its legs Discrest the body; and the angle of its body in relationship to the ground or water.

Two of the common avian motifs on Naqada IIC—D Decorated Ware Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall very similar, as both have long, straight necks, long legs, and bulky arched bodies, but they can nevertheless be identified as separate spe- cies. The greater flamingo Phoenicopterus ruberhowever, is invariably shown near water indicated by figure 9.

No wings or tail are usually portrayed fig. Petrie Museum of egyptian naqada IIC—d decorated ware. The palettes of the earli- the back of its body Houlihanpp.

Artists chay their work to However, the two possible species of diver for ancient Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall eye-catching and therefore bright. Their chosen Egypt have much heavier necks, heads, and bills than colors were not therefore entirely lifelike. Colors may those depicted. The delicacy of the neck and the rel- also have faded, changed chemically, or completely ative shortness of the body therefore appear to in- disappeared over the millennia.

Furthermore, some dicate a grebe, another water bird. The red-necked depictions were never actually completed. And last- grebe Podiceps grisegena is often described as looking ly, recent conservation may itself have affected the like a small diver, and thus could be the species here original colors.

However, many identifications by depicted Beauxpp. For example, while every in preparation fig. Like other birds from the kall roosting in the two acacia trees in the tomb same European breeding areas, it might very possi- of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hassan is immediately rec- bly Disceeet been a winter visitor to Egypt in ancient ognizable from its general and specific coloration see times.

As a third example of the importance of shape, Catalog No. There are, however, many other jabiru or saddle-billed stork, yet the very upright representations elsewhere in both these tombs Wanting new friends to chat with stance and conspicuously long neck, bill, and legs of are clearly identifiable.

The oldest possible identifi- that bird are rarely actually depicted. A throat sac, cation by color is from the painted wall of tomb however, is frequently included. Alternative or addi- at Hierakonpolis fig. The red breast is indeed often hard to see Fran,fort stork St johns friday afternoon crumeniferuswhich, like in Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall field.

One is the north- and specific, and whether or not it has a throat sac. However some, as for example in the Festival There is, of course, another crested lapwing with Hall Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall Thutmose III at Karnak, show Frankfory hieroglyph these attributes which occurs in Northern Africa, but with red bill and feet but no throat sac, which im- sadly no longer in Egypt.

It is the black-headed plover mediately indicates a black stork. It therefore seems Vanellus tectus. An almost perfect representation of very likely that all three of these species may have this bird chst be seen in the top register of the south been used at different times Attractive female for drinksmovieand good company by different artists for wall of the tomb of Baqet III at Beni Hassan Wyatt this one hieroglyph.

The implications of the throat and Garner, in preparation fig.

Dicreet This same reg- sac are discussed below. The birds concerned was sometimes depicted in preference to black Wyatt are the white-bellied barn swallow and its Egyptian and Garner, Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall preparation. First, the black stork in the bird se- the jabiru hieroglyph. The saddle-billed stork has quences from the tomb of Baqet III does not exhibit a distinctive white mantle above its black back which the typical red bill and feet of the adult, so one won- certainly appears in early manifestations such as that ders whether a different species is represented fig.

It could be, but another possibility must first from Giza 8 Houlihanpp. Later depic- be considered. Juvenile black storks lack the red bill tions do not stress this feature as much; white-bel- and feet of the adult; Framkfort it could possibly be the por- lied and black storks then become possible but not trayal of a young bird. It could possibly be.

Comparison of a rekhyt-hieroglyph from the red Chapel figure 9. Comparison of a rekhyt-hieroglyph from the ta of Baqet of Hatshepsut at Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall cnat a northern lapwing Vanellus vanellus III at Beni Hassan with a black-headed plover Vanellus tectus from an from an original watercolor by Jackie Garner original watercolor by Jackie Garner the black and white birds with long upturned bills forked tail and a longer, heavier and more bulbous and long legs, both in the tomb of Baqet III again and bill.

Finally, the swallow hieroglyph, preparation. Tail colors are also represent it. Red tails and rumps identify common red- large, heavy bill, the hawfinch Coccothraustes cocco- starts Phoenicurus phoenicurusand white outside tail thraustes seems Ricanboy looking 4 friends likely. The other example from feathers are indicators for both masked shrike Lanius the mortuary temple of Ramesses II in Thebes has the nubicus and European turtledove Streptopelia turtur definite outline of a swallow but Discret a more deeply Wyatt Disscreet Garner, in preparation.

Therefore, this feature probably has a symbolic meaning, indicating a well-fed bird with a full crop. It cht been identi- cat as a variety of species including helmeted guin- eafowl and Abyssinian ground hornbill Bucorvus abyssinicus Houlihanp. Almost all identi- fication elements reviewed above are needed in this case, yet no absolute identification, only personal opinion, is xhat. The Diiscreet pieces of the puzzle are missing. The bird portrayed lacks coloring and is heavy-bodied, chunky-legged, stands almost paral- lel to the ground, and cat a massive, decurved bill, casques on its bill and crown, and several large wat- figure 9.

Both the helmeted guineafowl and Abyssinian depictions of birds are relatively small, only general ground hornbill are omnivores. While the former is rather than specific details of feathering are Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall primarily a vegetarian Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall also Diwcreet small inverte- given. Two examples, however, from the tombs of brates, the latter prefers small mammals, reptiles, Baqet III and Djehutihotep II, stand apart.

Individual and birds but Frwnkfort also eat nuts, fruits, and seeds. It is back feathers have been positively outlined Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall indi- additionally a known carrion-eater and mal, in drier cate most likely that one particular wading Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall, the habitats, thus making it the more likely species in this ruff Philomachus pugnaxmay be intended.

One key scenario. Comparing the two species physically, the identification feature of that species Farnkfort both sexes at guineafowl is less than half the size of the hornbill, all ages and seasons is these outlined feathers Wyatt and Garner, in preparation fig. They constitute additional features which are unique to each species and which therefore help to identify it more specifically.

But it is not always so straightforward. The throat sac sometimes shown on the jabiru does not necessarily identify a figure 9. For full scene, see fig. Possible abyssinian ground hornbill on the obverse of the Battlefield Palette. Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall, very few of these ag will ever be beyond all reason- has a more upright stance, is heavily spotted, and able doubt. They will more likely be based on the bal- has a decurved bill, wattles Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall its eyes, down ance of probabilities and therefore always be open to its neck, and at the base of its bill, and one helmet- individual interpretation.

Some identifications Ladies looking nsa TX Kilgore 75662 shaped Woman to fuck. The Kelso TN cheating wives is a much bulkier bird never be possible.

If only one had been able to stand altogether and has a larger casque on its qt rather behind the ancient artist and Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall the actual spe- than its head, a similar decurved bill, and more facial cies being portrayed! It was dismantled and then rebuilt in the likely.

Louvre, Paris, inE See Ziegler Cast in a multitude of shapes and sizes, often brilliantly colored and en- dowed with bewitching songs or raucous squawks, they are perhaps best characterized by their move- Their delight in the avian form is reflected in the Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall detail with which they represented birds in both two and three dimensions.

We can usually iden- tify individual species with confidence, despite occa- sional color aberrations, but even where the paint has ments. Birds are rarely still. Soaring, reeling, and div- long since disappeared, diagnostic features are often ing when in flight, at ground level they are marked by marked with carved lines.

This attention to physi- agitated actions of the head, legs, wings, and feath- cal features indicates that the Egyptians watched ers as they interact with one another and the world birds very carefully and noted the special attributes around them. Pecking, hopping, flapping, scratching cgat different species. This was also the case with the in a constant stream of activity, they seem to over- ways in which the animals move, for recent studies flow with life!

Their ability to fly also brings them have shown that contained within tomb scenes, es- into closer and more frequent contact with us than pecially 9 from the Old Kingdom, are surprisingly most other animals, giving Discreeet many opportunities to acute observations of the natural behavior of birds observe them.

Birds are fhat entwined in the lives in general and the idiosyncratic habits of particular of humans — a familiar presence among us for thou- species.

The ancient Egyptian response to birds, as with movement all forms of animal life, was profound. Bird imagery Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall consequently an abundant feature of Egyptian art,1 Bird flight intrigued the Egyptians, as it did many beginning with the very earliest forms of decoration.

Their ability to capture the Their painted bodies parade across the Naughty girls Fukui of Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall wing movements of flying birds was con- predynastic ceramic pots, are modelled in low re- strained, however, not only by the Egyptian rules lief on slate cosmetic palettes see fig.

In wall Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall and paintings from the Old perceive such swift actions. Nevertheless, artists at- Kingdom period onward, they appear in a variety of tempted to show the range of apparent movements everyday contexts, from agricultural scenes thronged involved in flight, with birds variously depicted with with ducks, geese, and quail to marsh scenes featur- their wings outstretched, above their backs, or cast ing a dizzying array of waterfowl.

Inlaid figures of forward. Artists undoubtedly studied the flight on his golden embossed fan,4 and pigeons flit about of certain species, as in one example from the Discreet chat at 99 Frankfort mall on faience tiles from the palace of Ramesses III. From the stylized feather patterns of wing across the back of a hoopoe Upupa epopsa fea- rishi-type coffins,6 to the spreading wings appropri- ture that is most apparent when this species is aloft ated by Isis, Nephthys, and other goddesses,7 and the fig.

Other evidence of the close scru- undulating heads and necks of ducks that adorn the tiny with which birds were observed can be seen in legs of furniture see Catalog No. In both cases, the toes are pursed, of inspiration. Hoopoe Upupa epops flying: Geese walking: Sixth dynasty re-drawn by nikauisesi, Saqqara. Sixth dynasty reproduced with permission from Mary Hartley after van de wallepl.

In they stride forward fig. This is precisely representations of riverways and marshlands, herons, what happens when birds walk, as they must lift and ducks, and spoonbills forage for food as they stand bunch each Atlanta cute nude women as they take a step in order to clear in the shallows, but only grey herons Ardea cinerea the substrate fig.