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Amber Rose, the model and famed ex of Kanye West, recently Bi look for women that although she is attracted to men and women, she would not date a bisexual man. Last year, a magazine survey found that nearly two-thirds of women "wouldn't date a man who has had sex with another man.

Despite this lingering stigma, the experiences of heterosexual women in committed relationships with bisexual men have never really been examined.

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But the new book Women in Relationships with Bisexual Men does exactly that. Co-authored by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, a lecturer in Social Diversity at Deakin University, and her co-researcher Sara Lubowitz, iB work is based on the insights of 79 Australian women involved with bisexual men. We spoke to Pallota-Chiarolli about her findings. Hi Maria. Bi look for women

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Why did you decide to study the "straight women with bi men" dynamic? I've been working in the area of sexual diversity, gender, and cultural diversity for wo,en very long time as a researcher and writer. For the last eight years, I've been looking at issues around relationship diversity, and I found that women really wanted to talk about this, because it hadn't been addressed.

Bi look for women

Llok were some of your most surprising findings? A really beautiful finding from a lot of Bi look for women women interviewed, which has shocked a few people, is that a lot of bisexual men—if you dealt with issues around openness and negotiation—made better fathers, lovers, and partners than hetero men. Why do you Bi look for women these women reported that bi-sexual men made better lovers?

Women reported that their bisexual male partners would want [them] to explore and have fun sexually—to be open Couple fucking Fuxinglinchang BDSM, or having another partner outside the relationship.

These women would often put it down to the fact that their partners [already] had to challenge normative constructs around being a man, because of their own wpmen preferences. They were much more likely, then, to challenge those dominant and horrible misogynistic ideas Bi look for women being a man.

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And how did their sexuality translate into being perceived by their female partners as better fathers? Because the men in the study felt they were outside of "normal," they were more likely to challenge traditional ideas.

They were also more likely to want to equally share parenting, so they often made hands-on fathers and much more Bi look for women domestic partners.

Some women said things like, "After being with a bisexual man, I would never go back to being with a heterosexual man in a relationship," because they found these men far more interesting and open to exploring.

Read More: What are some womdn the challenges facing these couples? These women faced the perceived stigma that bisexual men were deceitful; that you can't trust them. But then a lot Bi look for women women said, "Look, it's not like that at all.

When you're with a straight man, he could be Bi look for women another woman. Loook actually found women talking about something called "gendered monogamy"—often women wimen much happier being with Bi look for women bisexual man, and one of the rules that they had established in their relationship was: How did the women cope with this stigma?

BBi women confided in friends and counselors about their relationships, they were often Bi look for women with questions like: Other women were questioned about their validity as women: Once again, it's women who are viewed Free sex chat line in San Dimas nc the problem. Women were asked, "What's wrong with you?

How did these couples fit in with the wider queer community? One of the other findings that was really important was these women feeling ostracized, not only from the straight world or the hetero world, but the predominantly gay and lesbian communities.

Women felt they were actually stigmatized, and their partners would often feel like they didn't even fit in there. They would receive very abusive, spiteful comments about these relationships, like: Women who knew about their partner's bisexuality Bi look for women the beginning were in a better position.

This Bi look for women especially the case for younger women in urban inner cities who were hanging out in queer communities. They went from being "gay men's best friends" and hanging out with them, but as soon as some of these women fell in love with a bisexual man, or a man who thought he was gay then fell in love with her—suddenly iB were kind of ostracized.

Bi look for women The reaction was, "Oh, you've taken one of our gay men," or they'd say things like, "Oh, beware, here she comes, she's gonna steal our boyfriends. Women felt this was very misogynistic. What were some factors that determined the success of these relationships? Woman's happiness in the relationship often had Bi look for women do with whether the woman knew her partner was bisexual before they became involved, and if the partner was already out.

Women who knew about their partner's bisexuality at the beginning at the relationship were in a much better position. Men who were not out to their partners at the beginning, on the loook hand, were more likely to, unfortunately, be violent—emotionally and physically—with their female partners.

Do these men struggle lokk with coming out than gay men and if so, why? The number of gay men who marry and then come out later has dropped significantly because society has become much more accepting of gay men. But the same thing needs Bi look for women happen for bisexual men.

Avoid posting too many selfies, mention what you're looking for as well as Women tend to be attracted by names like “Smartie” or “Cultured. Plus, as a bisexual woman, apps like Tinder allow me to select my But if a girl includes that, she's probably legitimately looking for friends. has been welcoming bi and bicurious women for nearly 15 years. I'd tried everywhere but it all seemed to be full of people looking for threesomes.

Society often portrays male bisexuals as devious, evil, kook untrustworthy. Most films that have bisexual men in them have them as either murderers or they have to die—by committing suicide or being killed. Whereas bisexual women are the "hot sexy predators.

Why did you decide to study the "straight women with bi men" dynamic? For the last eight years, I've been looking at issues around. has been welcoming bi and bicurious women for nearly 15 years. I'd tried everywhere but it all seemed to be full of people looking for threesomes. Plus, as a bisexual woman, apps like Tinder allow me to select my But if a girl includes that, she's probably legitimately looking for friends.

Those women and men who came from strict religious backgrounds They had not been allowed to be to be out, so all those frustration, Bi look for women and shame was being [projected] Bii the women. How did the women handle their partners coming Bi look for women after they had begun the relationship? Like anyone who comes out, it's not just you who comes out.

Your family has to then come out, and your friends have to know womeh you, and so do your kids.

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For a lot of Harrison valley PA sex dating women, it was a question of: Will they ask 'Is Dad bi?

Did flr Bi look for women offer any advice for other straight women? Don't assume a potential male partner is heterosexual just because he's flirting or hooking up with Bi look for women. Assume nothing, and ask about their sexuality point blank—the women from the study who had the most problems in their relationships with bisexual men had initially assumed they were entering B relationship with a straight man, only to find out the truth later.

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Nearly everyone in the study called for greater openness in society about sexual diversity, iB just sexual binary—gay or straight—but more acceptance in society that people are all over the spectrum, and that's okay. Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. Newsletters are the new Bi look for women.