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Enjoy a private Yoga class for yourself, friends, bachelorette parties or any other event.


Well Within Yoga Mission

Yoga starts from WITHIN. Begin a journey of self exploration by synchronizing the flow of energy in your mind, body and soul. Allow your breath to guide your physical body into postures that calm the nervous system, reduce the constant fluctuations of the mind all while exploring and unveiling new layers or your muscles and inner flow of consciousness. 


  • 60-minute personal private $100
  • 60-minute semi-private $130
  • 60-minute small groups 3-9 $200
  • 60-minute large groups 10+ $300
  • Well Within will come to YOU! Providing all the mats and any props during the class. 

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Add live music to your yoga class.

Gian Carlo is a musical guru and a specialist in the Indian Sitar.

I like downplaying my precense as much as possible so people don’t feel like its a concert or a performance. I want to help people concentrate and not be a distraction. I try to use the pace and flow of the instructor as my guide.
— Gian Carlo
Gian Carlo on the sitar

Gian Carlo on the sitar

  • Any group size $50 additional fee to above pricing.

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