Meditation with Mudras

Read this post fully before you practice so you have an idea of what to expect, especially the ways to enhance sections. Thoughts, images, memories, ideas...all these things will arise during your practice, and please do not be discouraged. This is 100% part of meditation. Its a peaceful and slow process of clearing and organizing all the "junk" in our minds. Let whatever comes up happen, acknowledge whatever it may be and let it pass by. One after another this may happen and continue to say "hello" and allow it to drift away. Always come back to your breath. You may do this 500x during this one practice, and that is supposed to happen. Please do not be hard on yourself, stay in the present and enjoy the time you are creating for yourself. 


Lets begin

Find a quiet place you can sit up tall with your spine straight. You can be sitting in a sukasana (seated cross legged) or with your back against a chair, knees hip width apart and feet firmly touching the ground. You can sit on a pillow, bolster, anything that makes you feel comfortable. If you can, try and keep you knees below your hips. The key is to make sure you are sitting tall with good posture.

Take a few minutes to collect yourself. Put the final touches on your seat, adjust your clothing and hair and take a couple deep cleansing breathes to unwind from whatever you have going on.


Opening the Root Chakra

With arms straight hands on the knees and palms facing up, connect the thumb and index fingers. Keep the other three fingers touching and not apart. 

Bring your awareness to the energetic vortex of the Root Chakra at the base of the spine on the perineum and simply breath. Do not try and control your breathing, allow it to flow naturally.  


Take 7-10 breaths. Keeping the awareness on the root chakra. And maintaing the connection of the mudra.


When this chakra is open you feel grounded, stable and secure. You are present in the moment and feel a physical connection to your body.


Ways to enhance:

Envision the color red 

Feel your connection to the earth and ground

Tip the pelvis forward slightly

Chant the sound LAM several times each breath



Opening the Sacral Chakra

Keeping your seat

Place your hands in your lap with your palms facing upward, right palm resting on the top of left, raising the thumbs and connecting at the thumb tips.

Bring your awareness to the sacral bone on the lower back. Keep the breath gently flowing.


Take 7-10 breaths.


When this chakra is open you feel connected to your sexuality, comfortable in your body, a capacity to freely flow with your emotions and recognize yourself worth.


Ways to enhance:

Envision the color orange

Think of water flowing

Activate your belly by contracting your abdomen

Chant the sound VAM several times each breath



Opening the Solar Plexus Chakra

Keeping your seat

Place your hands between your stomach and heart. Let the fingers join at the tops, all pointing away from you and keep them straight. Cross the thumbs. Bring your awareness to your navel.


Take 7-10 breaths. Your breath is continuous. 


When this chakra is open you trust your intuition and “gut” feeling. You will feel at peace and calm and recognize you are worthy enough.


Ways to enhance:

Envision the color yellow

Move your rib cage away from the center of your body

Think of fire

Chant the sound RAM several times each breath



Opening the Heart Chakra

Keeping our seat

Place your right hand with index finger and thumb touching at heart center. Left hands in the same Mudra resting on the knee. Bring your awareness to your heart space.


Take 7-10 breaths. Remember, breath naturally with out controlling it.


When this chakra is open you recognize love for yourself. You see forgiveness in others and feel a sense of spirituality, empathy and compassion. 


Ways to enhance:

Envision the color green 

Expand the heart center forward

Think of air ( air is the element of this chakra, air represent space created for love)

Chant the sound YAM several times each breath



Opening the Throat Chakra

Keeping your seat

Bring your hands by your stomach, fingers interlaced and thumb tips touching. Bring your awareness to your throat.


Take 7-10 breaths. In and out.


When this chakra is open you comfortable in communication and can say something maybe you didn’t feel confident enough to express. You can see the inner truth and express it freely to others. You can observe life how it is and see what you need detachment from. This chakra give you your voice to expression.


Ways to enhance:

Envision the color bright turquoise

Tilt your head back slightly to open the throat

Picture wind blowing through trees

Chant the sound HAM several times each breath



Opening the Third Eye Chakra

Keeping your seat

Place your hands in front of the lower part of your breast. Middle fingers start up tips touching and other fingers bent at first joint while touching. Bring your awareness to your third eye between the brows.


Take 7-10 breaths. Every breath is cleansing and reaching every cell of your body.


When this chakra is open you do not fear obstacles in your path of life but rather as opportunities for a deeper purpose. You are connected to your intuitive nature and have a clear mind.


Ways to enhance:

Envision the color indigo blue

Picture waves crashing on the beach

Chant the sound OM several times each breath



Opening the Crown Chakra

Keeping your seat

Place your hands in front of your stomach, fingers interlaced, pinky fingers pointing upwards. Bring your awards above the center of your head.


Take 7-10 breaths. Yourself and your breath are one. 


When this chakra is open you are rid of judgments in yourself and have an inward flow of wisdom. You see that everything in life is connected and you sense the connection of yourself and the rest of the world. You understand your sense of purpose in life and feel connection to something greater than yourself. This chakra joins together the other chakras and their purpose. 



Keeping your seat

Bring your hands to rest on the knees. You can rest the palms facing down for a sense of grounding or rest palms up to be open and receive. This is a personal choice on what you think is best and this can change from day to day.

Breathe fully and completely. Breath into your legs, soles of the feet, your hips, abdomen, chest, arms, palm, neck and skull. Breathe into every pore and cell of your body, every muscle and fiber. When you are ready slowly open your eyes and smile. 

Take a moment to reflect- how you feel from before you started. 

Repeat 1x , 2x a day or whenever needed.


“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”