Get that long, lean, muscular body you've always wanted with this fun workout!

The following is an article by Lucia for Hampton Daze Magazine. While we don't have the studio open anymore, we still have the boards and will travel! If you want to set up a private class for you and your friends, give us a won't be disappointed!

If you are tired of the same old workout routine and want to challenge yourself and experience something completely new, Surfset is the key to shaking up your workout.

After taking my first Surfset Class at Well Within Studio in East Hampton, I was dripping in sweat, my abs were on fire and I felt an adrenaline rush, one I imagine to be similar to what those cool surfers feel after a serious session in the ocean.

If I could use two words to describe Surfset it would be core and balance. The entire workout tightens, tones, and strengthens your abdominal muscles like no other fitness class out there. After a few classes, you will start to notice your balance improving. The board is designed to move with your entire body weight, mimicking the real feeling of surfing. It is up to you to maintain your stability with your core strength.

Try doing a standard burpee. Then try doing a burpee on a Surfset board. Once you do you will know what I am talking about! In the 45-minute class, you will experience duck diving, popping up, paddling, and moves that build lean and long muscle tone and increase your flexibility.

Have I mentioned the resistance bands? Well, to top it off, there are some serious resistance bands that give your arms that extra kick in the butt and take your workout to the next level.  

Photo by Anthony Daunt

Photo by Anthony Daunt

Surfset classes are the most unique, challenging, and fun way you can get your fitness on. Between the cardio, muscle building moves, and of course good music, by the time class is finished you will feel like you just had the most sensational workout experience.

If you want to try surfing it is a great segue to get one foot in the water, ha! If you are a surfer and want to build and retain muscle tone and increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, Surfset classes are a great resource.