Meet Lucia

Lucia (Lulu) has grown up in East Hampton. She has a passion for living a healthy Yogi lifestyle and communicating her wellness techniques to others.

She is an E-RYT 200 hour and E- RYT 300 hour certified Yoga teacher and is certified in Core Mat I & II Classical Mat Pilates. She acquired her trainings in Costa Rica, Bali and NYC. 

With a love for travel, Lucia enjoys sharing her experiences with everyday people and like minded individuals. Her teaching style offers an atmosphere of synchronizing the mind, body and soul through breath and movement, creating a sense of purpose for individuals on their yoga mats and beyond while joining unity to a classroom.

Her rhythm of life is strongly based on the rhythms of nature. She believes that health is a state of living in harmony with nature and your own natural body. The more you synchronize your daily Sadhana (spiritual routine) into the natural cycles of the universe, the more you align your self with better health, peace and clarity of mind. She enjoys conversing with new people and listening to their experiences {the good, the bad and everything in-between} and figuring out how translate those experiences into their Yoga practice to heal, grow and progress in a positive light.



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