Well Within is a concierge wellness service serving Eastern Long Island.

Emma Field and Lucia Schaldenko, two friends from East Hampton, started Well Within to spread the wellness love! Living this life healthy and happy is their passion and they want to share their experience with like-minded individuals or groups. Teaching free classes and workshops around town are just one way they give back to the community and spread knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. They also teach in camps and schools locally to work to instill peace and health in our youth.

Images by Anthony Daunt Photography.

Emma Field, Partner

Emma was born and raised in East Hampton, N.Y. She moved back to East Hampton after attending the Savannah College of Art & Design to get married and start a family. After having her first daughter in 2011, she became certified in Pilates and then Surfset. Emma opened Well Within studio in October 2014 and started to work on her yoga certification. Since starting Well Within, she has immersed herself in all things health and wellness including becoming a healer with crystal energy and leading/participating in meditations and chants with anyone who will join her. Emma and her family live a completely holistic lifestyle and she would like to help others to adopt a similar way of life to feel your absolute best every day of this life.


Lucia Schaldenko, Partner

Lucia (Lulu) has grown up in East Hampton and has a passion for fitness and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, yoga, meditation/pranayama practices and simply spending the days outdoors are some of her favorite pastime activities. Currently working towards are bachelor's degree in Food, Nutrition and Wellness, Lucia believes that eating fresh wholesome foods and being active is the healthiest and happiest way to live a life. Having her certification in beginner and intermediate Classical Mat Pilates and is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Lucia loves to teach and share her knowledge with her students while seeing them connect their mind, body and soul in her classes.